Sunday, November 25, 2007

When I meet people at the dog park... their often in a hurry to get to work, rushing home to make dinner, etc... I thought it might be a good idea to make a business card and that way people could contact me if they are interested in having a dog portrait created.

Below is an example of what the drawings might look like.

a penny for your thoughts

Gary Wiseman and I are collaborating on a project where we offer people a penny in exchange for a thought. For the last three years, Gary has been collecting lucky pennies that he finds on the street. On Buy Nothing Day we went to Lloyd Center Mall. We found an empty kiosk near the ice skating rink and set a sort of fake booth where we offered people pennies. Above are some of the thoughts exchanged.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hana is a Shiba Inu which is believed to be one of the most ancient japanese breeds. Hana translates to flower in japanese. She was named for her love of sniffing flowers. Like the other native japanese dog breeds Shiba Inu were bred for hunting by ancient hunters of Japan, called matagi and were believed to have special characteristics associated with the concepts of spirit, obedience, loyalty and bravery and their temperaments are always calm and considerate, with great dignity. Their eyes tend to be triangular and recessed, "suggesting the burning spirit within."

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lewis and Clark

While laying on the grass in the Emerson Elementary dog park with my dog pal bodhito, we met these two chaps. Clark is the large fellow up front. He's 9 years old. Louie is 8 years old. They are Pembroke Welsh Corgies, a hearding breed. Their owner explained that she could not let them off their leash because they were very fast and would run all the way home. I told her that I was an artist and interested in making drawings of the dogs that visit our neighborhood dog park. She was really excited about my project and invited me over to her house sometime to see an oil painting of the boys that was done by her artist mother.

view from the grass

This term ive been feeling bankrupt in terms of ideas. Ive been suffering form what you might call a creative block. I began thinking about the last time I felt this "stuck". It was spring of 2006. I was trying to decide where to go to Grad school. It was between CCA and PSU. I couldnt decide I had two weeks left before I had to make my decision. I tried everything. I went running every morning. I went for long rides on my skateboard. I took a hot bath. I made a list of positives for both schools and they came out equal. I was paralyzed in a state of indecision. So I went to see my accupuncturist. He told me to " Lay on the earth". A day or so went by, it was raining outside so I tried lying down on the floor in my room. It didnt help. I was trapped further and further in my thoughts. About a week later the sun came out and it was Portland's first day of spring. I stepped out of my backdoor and entered our yard. I flopped down on my back. It was wonderful. Finally a moment of clarity.

It would be fun to organize a creative unblocking event where a group of people lay on the grass together.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

the pie project is back!

Ive been thinking alot about Allan McCollums visit and this idea that artists are supposed to make "signature works". So there are probably millions of great artworks out there that have never been made because you think of an idea and realize someone else has already done it so you stop... That said, Ive decided to start the pie project again... This is a service where I offer to deliver a fresh baked pie to a person of your choosing. Anyone may request a pie to be delivered by bicycle within the portland area sorry i dont do gresham or beaverton on bicycle. The service is free or for exchange. A pie may be traded for something, anything it could be a tangible object or an idea or thought that is of the same value... Traded objects, or ideas will be documented as a part of the project.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

snackbar drawings

Some things Ive been thinking about...

Eric was talking the other day in class about his systems for getting things done. Id like to invite other artists to submit systems for getting things done here.... id like to compile these systems into some sort of self help manual for artists.
1. How do you motivate? How do you kickstart your day? Do you get up every morning Jog and meditate? Drink a cup of coffee on an empty stomach and work?
2. How do you organize your life? Keep a day planner? Make a to do list? When do you check the list?

Friday, October 5, 2007


its friday! today marks the start of not only my first real weekend since the start of school, but its also the date of my first REAL blog entry.