Monday, August 17, 2009

I still have not found what I am looking for...

Recently I read Paul Auster's City of Glass. There is a character named Peter Stillman who walks the streets of New York Daily from sunrise to sunset. Day after day he walks what seems to be an intangible maze. Gradually his path manifests itself to words. As the words finally become legible Peter Stillman disappears. I was thinking about Peter Stillman's walk while talking to a friend at a party last night. "Im feeling so lost," she said. "I am going back to school for massage. I want to do something different. I am feeling like where is my life going right now?" This statement resonated with me as I know this well. In this new project I have conversations with people about what they are seeking, longing, wishing they had right now. I will map out and walk their vision as an attempt to realize the identified goal. Drawings will ideally be mapped out with GPS. Each participant will recieve a copy of the mapped drawing and have the option of doing the walk with me. Each walk will pass over a place of importance for the participant. (This one passes by my house!)

Monday, February 25, 2008

dog drawings

Here is what they will look like. Dolly is finished. Hovita is in progress.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Blue belongs to my friend Katie Decker. He is 8 yrs old.


Maxi is an 8 week old terrier mix. She is very playful.


Hovi is Posies dog. Hovi lives in Seattle. Sometimes she comes to Portland to visit.


Dolly is a pit bull, lab, boston terrier mix. She was found at a truck stop in delaware with a broken leg. Now that her leg has healed she loves to run and play at Emerson Dog Park.


Jackson also goes by Frederick Nelson and Boo. He is a gemini. His birthday is June 14th. He had a hard time staying still for the photo.